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    PowerBlue '08 includes 6 sizes, from 720x540 for DVD/iPod, to HD and even Apple's 23" 1920x1200 display. Also included are 6 different styles. That's 36 theme files.  
Same Power, New Flexibility.
With PowerBlue, we set out to make a theme that was not only bold, but completely usable in just about any setting. No over the top backgrounds, no fluffy graphics, no obnoxious fonts. Just a bold presence, sharp accent graphics and clean, easy to read text.

With PowerBlue '08 we've raised the bar by adding the three High Def sizes in all the PowerBlue layout styles, plus a DVD/iPod size and a 1920x1200 size for presenting on Apple's 23" Display or a MacBook Pro.


What you want,
where you want it.

In order to give you the most flexibility, PowerBlue '08 uses the new Media Placeholder feature built into Keynote '08 (see Why Keynote '08 in the side bar). This means no more wondering why you can't make your photos larger on a certain slide. Do you really wish that the Vertical photo layout would hold a bit of a wider photo? Simply resize the mask that's been applied to your photo and make it wider. Wish you could add more photos to a slide, simply copy and paste photos from another slide and resize/reshape them.


Changing the size of your photo is simple in PowerBlue '08, thanks to its use of Keynote '08's new Media Placeholders.



Spend time on your lecture, not your slides.

One problem many class lecturers run into is having to work so hard at prepping each week's slides. To remedy this we created a whole theme just for this kind of lecture. Replaceable headers and footers, special "outline" type layouts, unique title treatments, and even a whole set of timeline layouts will help you prep for your lecture faster than ever before. And new with PowerBlue '08 is the ability to edit the header and footer text on each actual slide, without having to visit (or make extra copies of) the master slides. Customizing your slides for each lecture has never been easier!


Add that Extra Boost.

PowerBlue '08 includes pages of extra goodies you can use in your own presentations. Overlays, custom shapes such as arrows, magnifying glasses, houses, etc, and even a mini button building system are all included in the package. Simply choose your button, then your style, then use the Copy Style/Paste style commands to apply a style to your button. You can even scale your button up to 600x600 pixels (large enough for even the largest HD sizes). Also included is a set of translucent highlight boxes that can be stretched into different shapes and sizes (with or without a drop shadow).


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PowerBlue '08 is built for
Keynote '08 or higher

(If you own the original PowerBlue and didn't recieve an e-mail regarding upgrading, e-mail us)

Wigwam motel photos, slate board and binoculars are for demonstration purposes and are not included in the package.
(And in case you're interested, the binoculars and slate board are part of the clip art that ships with PowerPoint 2008)


Buy PowerBlue 08 Now

PowerBlue '08 is built for
Keynote '08 or higher

(If you own the original PowerBlue and didn't recieve an e-mail regarding upgrading, e-mail us)

A Style for every need


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No time for a timeline?

PowerBlue 08's Lecture themes come with several Timeline Masters that you can use to build timelines in your presentations. To help you do this even faster, we've included an entire file of timeline nodes, lines and boxes that you can use. You can also edit the timeline base bar on your own slides, no more visiting the Master slide to change the timeline color or location!


Put your Lecture on TV
PowerBlue '08 now includes a 720x540 layout (the same size Keynote uses to export to iDVD). Instead of re-scaling your presentation, you can now choose the 720x540 layout and know you're getting the best quality. Not only that, we've compensated for the overscan that many regular TV's have by scooting all the slide content in toward the center a bit more, and toned down the white text 10% to cut down text flicker.
Gallery Layouts
Because PowerBlue uses the new Keynote '08 media placeholder system, the slide colors and backgrounds are not locked down. If you need to recolor PowerBlue '08 into say, a green theme, you have the flexibility to do that. Feel free to hack and recolor your presentation to your hearts content! Heck, we've even included complete instructions on how the theme was built so you can use it as a pattern to create your own themes.

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