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Q. Can I change the color of the this theme to anything I want?
A. YES! We've even included instructions and sample image sets so you can do this yourself. You could feasibly create an entirely new theme that's not even blue.

Q. Why didn't you include more photo cutouts (circles, for example)?
A. Because the photo cutouts have a cast shadow, you can use a Keynote 3 shape to mask your photo any way you want and then apply a shadow to it (We supply the shadow settings in the Extras file). Your masked photo will match the photo cutouts exactly.

Q. I think I could use the Lecture theme, but I'n not sure how it works.
A. We include a very detailed tutorial walking you through how to use the Lecture theme

Q. I see some banding on your screen shots. Does the actual background have any visual banding in it?
A. The screen shots have been jpeg compressed (and shrunk). The original background file is a large PNG file which we added a tiny bit of visual noise too, to minimize banding. As a comparison, we think the background of this theme is cleaner than Apple's black gradient that comes with keynote.

Q. Does this theme work only for Keynote 3, or can I buy it for Keynote 1 or 2?
A. Currently we're only selling a Keynote 3 version. In our attempts to save down to Keynote 2 (we develope in Keynote 3 now) we ran into several complications. We're also not supporting Keynote 1 any longer. NOTE: If you'd like us to reconsider offering a Keynote 2 version, please e-mail us at support@keynoteuser.com.

Q. Do you offer a version of PowerBlue that works on the iPod?
A. Not currently, mostly due to how hard it is to export out of Keynote for the iPod. But we are working on a version that will work both on the iPod and in iDVD (with tv overscan compensation built in), which you'll be able to buy as an add on (so you won't have to repurchase the entire theme again).

Q. Do you offer PowerBlue in an HD format?
A. Not currently as we've only had a few requests for HD themes over the years. We're most likely going to release PowerBlue in an HD format in the coming months, but if you'd like us to hurry up and get it finished, e-mail us at support@keynoteuser.com

Q. How come your themes seem to be so totally packed with extras?
A. We think the key to a good presentation isn't always just the background and text of a slide. We like to include tutorials on how to get the most out of our themes, and how to dress them up a bit with extras. Instead of making you go searching for objects or images, we include a set that we think works well with the theme.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at support@keynoteuser.com

Classic Collection

PowerBlue is currently available for Keynote 3 or higher.
If you use Keynote 08 (v4) check out the full HD version of PowerBlue '08 here.

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