Galleria Preview
    Galleria includes 7 sizes, from 800x600, to HD. Apple's 23" (1920x1200) and 30" (2560x1600) display sizes are even included so you can present right on your monitor.  
Your Photos are important.
When it comes to showing off your photos, choosing a Keynote theme can sometimes be difficult. Many themes are so overpowering that your photos can get lost in the fluff.

Galleria was created to allow you to show off your photos, without the theme being the focal point of your presentation or slide show.

The Galleria slide background is a dark textured look with a removable overlay that darkens the corners of the slide. Don't like the dark areas? Simply unlock the overlay on the master slide you're using and delete it.

What you want,
where you want it.

In order to give you the most flexibility, Galleria uses the new Media Placeholder feature built into Keynote '08 (see Why Keynote '08 in the side bar). This means no more wondering why you can't make your photos larger on a certain slide. Using the Vertical photo layout and you really want it to look a bit wider? Simply resize the mask that's been applied to your photo and make it wider. Think the 4:3 photo layout should be larger? Make it as large as you want.

  Changing the size of your photo is simple in Galleria, thanks to its use of Keynote '08's new Media Placeholders.  

Out of ideas? Use ours.

Creating your own presentations or slide shows can sometimes get boring. Layout after layout of rectangular photos can get old pretty fast. Galleria includes a large sample file that includes tips and techniques you can use in your own shows. Consider it the manual that's usually missing from most commercial themes.

Extras! Extras!

What would a theme be without the extras. Galleria doesn't disappoint. Included with the theme are dozens of slides of shapes and buttons, overlays, picture frames and even paper scraps. Create an interactive presentation using the buttons, or make a scrapbook style layout using the picture frames and paper scraps. Let your imagination run wild.



Buy Galleria Now

Galleria is built for Keynote '08 or higher


Buy Galleria Now

Galleria is built for Keynote '08 or higher

Why Keynote '08?

When Apple released Pages back in 2005, they added a feature called Media Placeholders. This feature allowed pages to not have to rely on the old photo cutout system that Keynote has had for three versions. The old system locked you into a specific size and location for your photo "masks" and wasn't very flexible.

Keynote 3 added the Mask with Shape feature, but it still wasn't as flexible as the placeholders in Pages, because a masked photo placed on a master slide by a theme maker couldn't be edited by the end user.

With the addition of Media Placeholders in Keynote '08, theme makers can simply place a photo on a master slide, dress it up with one of the new Picture Frames that are also included in Keynote '08, and set it as a Media Placeholder. All the end user has to do is drop their own photo on top of one of these placeholders and their photo replaces the original.

Unlike the old photo cutouts, the end result is a true photo sitting on the slide, not behind some kind of cutout. It can be moved anywhere on the slide, resized and cropped.

Picture Frames?

Another new Keynote '08 feature is Picture Frames. These show up in the stroke pop-up on the Graphic Inspector:

Picture Frame

Normally only 12 frames show up in the Inspector, but there are actually quite a few more. We've included 25 of them that you can use on your own slides. You can see several examples on the Edge Effect Frames slide under Extras!Extras! on this page.

Photo Galleries
Because Galleria was built to show off your photos, there are several layouts in each theme size that allow you to create interactive presentations with linking thumbnails. The sample file includes directions on how to use them. The Apple 30" version even includes a layout with 30 thumbnails!
Gallery Layouts
Because Galleria was built to show off your photos, there's no shortage of layouts. Most versions contain over 25 photo masters, with the HD versions containing even more layouts. We've also included the standard text layout slides, just in case you want to create an actual presentation using Galleria (it works great for that!).
View Layouts

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